We’re launching a movement…

Our mission is to unleash the visual genius in all students and educators.

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Look, See, Imagine, Show

In today’s world, students will have to LOOK at the complexity and ambiguity around them…SEE the patterns, connections, and meaning…IMAGINE new possibilities…and SHOW what could be to others.  Students will have to do this millions of times in their lives!

It’s just the beginning…

Hi!  We’re Dan Roam, Lisa Kay Solomon, and Kawai Lai…and we believe there’s a visual genius in all of us.

Every student and educator has the innate ability to be visual.  Becoming comfortable with our visual abilities – improving our ability to look at complex information, see important patterns emerge, imagine new possibilities, and clearly show those discoveries to others – is our most valuable skill.

VizLit was founded to empower students to be more creative, confident and effective problem solvers in an increasingly complex and visual world.  We hope you’ll join us!